Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Poor Birdy!

Anslie and I were just about home after taking a walk this afternoon when we saw a poor little birdy fly head first into the fiberglass walls surrounding our condo complex. I started to walk in that direction to see if the bird was okay, when another bird who was sitting on the sidewalk took flight and did the exact same thing! The second bird, however, didn't hit the wall at break neck speed and therefore took off immediately. I walked around the bushes where I saw the first bird go down and it was still on the ground with it's wings spread out. I thought the poor thing broke it's neck. Then it moved. I picked it up to see if it would take off, but I think it was still dazed. So I brought it upstairs, put Anslie down, and then snapped a couple pictures for evidence. The little birdy started squirming around a little more, so I took it outside on our deck, and it flew away. Good luck tweety! Stay clear of those invisible walls!

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