Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birthoween 2011

Anslie turned 4 this Halloween and it was by far the most fun birthday we have had yet! Not so much because we had a crazy party, although her party was great, or because we did anything super special. I just think that age 4 is really going to be wonderful with Anslie! It's no secret that Anslie and I have both struggled since she was born finding our groove and getting along. But something has happened over the last couple of months and I think we are both learning, growing, and changing. I have had so much fun with Anslie lately and watching her her enjoy Kevin and I spoiling her and making her feel special felt amazing! I think Anslie and I are both going to love age 4!

We started Anslie's birthday out with lots of pampering! I curled her hair, put makeup on her, and painted her finger and toe nails. Then we headed downstairs where Kevin had pink doughnuts waiting for us. We popped a candle in Anslie's and sang her happy birthday. Next up was pumpkin carving and painting. Both Anslie and Zachary liked the hands-on gooey mess! After we cleaned up, we took Anslie on a "shopping spree" and let her pick out a toy from Toys R Us. From there we went to the Pizza Factory for a delicious pizza and salad buffet and lots of arcade games. During Zac's nap, Anslie helped me make cupcakes and then she opened up her birthday gifts from the family. She got new clothes for her Barbies and baby dolls and a darling hair dresser's vanity complete with hair washing station, flat iron, and hair dryer. I think that was her favorite gift as she started in on all of our hair right away!

After a quick dinner we got everyone ready for Trick-or-Treating and headed on out! Both kids had a lot of fun and I think this was the first year that Anslie truly enjoyed herself! We only went around the block, but that was enough to fill the kids' baskets and we made it home in time to still be able to pass candy out to our own trick-or-treaters. Anslie and Zac took turns filling the kids' baskets and Anslie especially liked being able to tell some people to take what they wanted and selecting what candy she put in others' bags. Stinker. ;)

Anslie's birthday party was held the following weekend. We didn't have anything special planned. We just let the kids play in the backyard the majority of the time while the adults munched on goodies. The kids make their own pizzas and then scarfed the gorgeous cake I ordered from Leesa Booker. Seriously, I think the cake was my favorite part of Anslie's birthday! It was perfect for her princess-themed party!

I think the whole family enjoyed Anslie's birthday, especially her! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to make her feel so very special, on her special day!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Look who we watched this week!

Dexter is my friend's 8 week old Bichon Frise. We had the pleasure of his company this week while they were on vacation. Such a cute puppy! He brought a lot of joy to our home and gave us all a great puppy fix!


Monday, August 1, 2011

More Backyard Fun

As I mentioned a few posts ago, we've been slowly accumulating backyard patio furniture. This weekend we added a picnic table!!! Those of you who know Kevin and I know that we are neither crafty nor handy but we have aspirations of becoming both. Kevin built this table himself with plans we found on www.ana-white.com. I'm so proud of him! He still has some sanding and finishing work to do, but the point is that we have a picnic table that only cost us $75 to build and now we can enjoy meals in the comfort of our own backyard! And not sitting on the ground!!! We will eventually make either two benches and two chairs or one bench and four chairs to go with it to complete the set, but until then we have our $8 plastic patio chairs from Target. Whatever works, right? And just for the fun of it, there's a few more pictures of my babies there too, just in case you forgot what they look like! :)