Monday, August 1, 2011

More Backyard Fun

As I mentioned a few posts ago, we've been slowly accumulating backyard patio furniture. This weekend we added a picnic table!!! Those of you who know Kevin and I know that we are neither crafty nor handy but we have aspirations of becoming both. Kevin built this table himself with plans we found on I'm so proud of him! He still has some sanding and finishing work to do, but the point is that we have a picnic table that only cost us $75 to build and now we can enjoy meals in the comfort of our own backyard! And not sitting on the ground!!! We will eventually make either two benches and two chairs or one bench and four chairs to go with it to complete the set, but until then we have our $8 plastic patio chairs from Target. Whatever works, right? And just for the fun of it, there's a few more pictures of my babies there too, just in case you forgot what they look like! :)


1 comment:

Catherine said...

It looks really good! Go Kevin! I'm so over you saying you're not crafty; hairbows, awesome birthday party decor, tutus. Give yourself some credit :p