Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Backyard

 When we first moved into our home a little over a year ago, our backyard was a shoulder-high wild wilderness of weeds. At some point Kevin attempted to brave it and try to kill some of those weeds with poison. It didn't affect them at all! So we knew we had to bring in the big guns and hire a professional. Our landscapers saved our backyard and also planted some beautiful sod. We loved having grass back there, and it was much better than those horrible weeds!

This summer we have been consumed with the upkeep of the yard and with getting a few small pieces of outdoor furniture to make it more comfortable. Our budget is limited so we have had to be a little handy and crafty. We found some great adirondack chairs at Home Depot that we assembled and stained ourselves. It's been nice having something other than grass or concrete to sit on.

The best part of having a nice backyard is the breezy summer evenings we spend out there together as a family. My kids LOVE to be outside! When the kids hear the back door open they make a bee line straight for it. We usually open up the french doors, as many as we can (we have 5 sets of them that lead to the back yard!!!) and let the breeze cool down the house right after dinner and the kids run around outside and entertain themselves with sidewalk chalk, making mud pies, or digging around in the flower bed. We play catch, chase the dog around, and of course, I LOVE taking snapshots of my kids being kids.

Although the upkeep can be overwhelming at times, I'm so grateful to have a little slice of outdoor heaven to raise my family in. And I am so excited to continue working, building, and refining our yard!


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