Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Anslie's Last Tumbling Class

Today was mine and Anslie's last mommy and me tumbling class. It was bittersweet, as most endings are. Over the 8 week course, there were lots of ups and downs for a simple 45 minute class. Anslie liked parts, hated others. I was happy to have some place to take her at least once a week with some kind of constructive activity and exercise, at the same time I was a little disappointed with the lack of structure. So, we're happy to have our time back to ourselves, not so happy to have to think of something creative to do on our own :) Hopefully we can find some fun parks and rec stuff to do in our new town when we move! I hope to find a dance class that will take 2 year olds, and once it gets a little warmer, swimming lessons.

Here are a few shots of Anslie at her last class. She had a great time today and it was a happy 45 minutes!


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The Anglesey Family said...

I love her little medal! Sooooo cute!!!!