Friday, September 24, 2010

Can you believe it?!


I snapped this picture of Zachary while he is enduring double ear infections (one side ruptured), a combo staph/yeast infection in all of his little rolls (because he is so fat and sweats so much and I can't keep him clean and dry), and a lingering viral chest infection that is now requiring breathing treatments 4 times per day. What a sweet baby! And he has only woken up once during each of the last 3 nights to eat. Have I been doing everything to help him get better? Yes. Do I still feel like the worst mom in the entire world for letting his problems get this bad? Completely. Adding 7 medications with differing dosing schedules that have required me to write down a daily schedule will hopefully improve this little guy's health and heal my broken heart.
Adding insult to injury, this little girl decided to grab the paring knife that I was feeding her pear from (another SMotY - Stupid Mom of the Year - move) and sliced her left index finger. That required a trip to the ER, where all they could do was clean the wound and glue her finger back together. Later that night, Anslie's finger was bothering her so much that she had a blast finger painting (more pictures from that event to come soon). At least she isn't scarred for life. Can't say the same for myself though.

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Diane Rane Jones said...

Beautiful pics of your beautiful kids!