Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our New Family Blog

Hello, Everyone!

Tera has inspired me to start a family blog. She made a great point that some of you "old timers" in the family either don't have a myspace account or aren't interested in signing up for one and that having this blog would make our pictures and updates more accessible to everyone. So, here we are! Our first official family blog. I haven't decided if this will replace my monthly updates for Anslie or not; I guess you will find out when I send it out at the end of the month. More than likely, however, this will replace my myspace account, or at least my major postings on my myspace account. I hope you will all be interested and excited to become subcribers to our blog!


Are We Having Fun Yet??? said...

Good job! Now you will have to school me on how to add background to my page. It has been the one thing so far that I have not been able to figure out! Anslie is looking adorable - of course!

Katy said...

Welcome to blogging. Katy and I have myspace accts, but rarely use them. - Danior

Gail said...

Great Job Shillawna! It looks great and the picture of Anslie in the flowers turned out to be so cute!