Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Trip to San Francisco

Kevin and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this year by taking a weekend trip to San Francisco. We had so much fun touring the city, Alcatraz Island and Prison, The Golden Gate Bridge, and enjoying delicious Clam Chowder, Sourdough Bread, and Dungeness Crab. The weather was beautiful, except for the constant wind. (But I guess that's San Fran for you) I was truly a trip of a lifetime. I can't believe we have been married for five years already! This trip gave us a great opportunity to reflect on where our relationship has taken us over the years, through good times and bad, and really appreciate one anothers' companionship and devotion. Happy Anniversary baby!


Britni and Owen said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad your trip was so fun. Hurray for the blog!

Katy said...

Looks like fun! SF is known for the odd weather.