Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh, I forgot...

I love taking advantage of all that San Diego has to offer! Since the zoo is so close to home for us, we have a membership and can partake of all that it has to offer for as much, or as little, of the day as we please. We stopped by earlier this month for a couple of hours to have lunch and to take Ans to the petting zoo inside. She wasn't too terribly excited about the goats. She looked, but she didn't want to touch!

This picture is for you, Dad! These turtles (I mean Tortoises...) were HUGE!!!

Anslie really liked the giant tortoises.(I think she belongs here!)

I promise it wasn't trying to bite her butt! Pretty funny looking though, eh? :)

Anslie's favorite part of the day was the last half hour when we let her walk wherever she wanted. We just followed her as she led the way. She was pretty brave when this peacock came by!

We had such a nice day. I love my family!


Tera said...

Wow! You are looking pretty hot there sista!

The Anglesey Family said...

We have a membership too! We should go sometime!