Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pima County Fair

Our last family hoo-rah before Anslie and I leave Tucson on Tuesday was a trip to the Pima County Fair. It was a cute little fair but, oh so expensive! They lure you in with a $7 entry fee and then assault your wallet with the cost of the rides and games! We had fun walking around enjoying all of the idiosyncrasies of fair culture, especially since we went with our friends, Jeff and Hilary, who are not experienced fair-goers. It was fun to see a fair their fresh eyes, confusion, and disbelief at all that a fair can and will offer it's patrons. Especially when it came to all of the livestock! Anslie had a great time looking at the animals and even more fun in the petting zoo. Thankfully Hilary brought her camera (I forgot mine at home) and was able to catch a few snapshots for me of Anslie with the animals. The other fun experience we had at the fair was Jeff and Hilary bungee jumping. It was Hilary's first time and she was a brave girl! Can't say I will EVER follow in her footsteps, though!

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Tera said...

I had a blast when I bungee jumped at AV fair, though, I don't consider that real bungee jumping. I won't cross it off my "to-do" list until I've bungeed off some amazing bridge like in the netherlands or Australia or something....someday!!! Fairs are fun, and the greasy food somehow tastes good because it's at a fair, right!