Friday, April 30, 2010

What do you do when....

You have an adorable two and a half year old girl who:

Is funny and cute
Has LOTS of personality
Has LOTS and LOTS of energy to burn
Likes to talk a lot
Is a joy and a blessing

And Also....

Likes to hit other kids
Likes to spank her mom's butt and mouth off when scolded
Thinks that time-outs are great because she can jump on her bed and sing
 Says "no" to everything
And can't follow through on the simplest request?

On another note......

My friend Catherine and her daughter Ashlynn and little boy Brayden had a sleepover with us last night. (All were brave for weathering Anslie's storm.) For the most part the two girls had fun playing in the play room and watching movies and eating popcorn. We gave ourselves and the girls pedicures and Anslie and Ashlynn finished the evening off with a super duper bubble bath in my giant jetted tub. Here are a few of the photos from the highlight of the night!



The Bowldens said...

those pictures are adorable!

as far as being naughty, i have been reading this truly amazing book called "magic 1-2-3." its for ages two and up, so go check it out! kylee has become a completely different kid. its worth the $15 you spend to buy the book!!! you will thank me later =)

April said...

I agree, those pictures are adorable!

And all I can say about Anslie and her age is: I feel your pain. It is crazy how at this age it is like living with someone with a split personality. I keep telling myself that this will pass...I just hope the happy, cute personality wins out!

Diane said...

They are such cuties!