Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am in love!

Never before have I come in contact with something so easy to use, so trustworthy, so gentle yet effective, so everything it's label and advertising claims! Let me introduce to you my new favorite cleaning product:

My step mother recommended Folex for the carpet in our home. Since we purchased a Bank-Owned property, not a single thing in the house was cleaned before we moved in. Walls were disgusting, appliances needed scrubbing, and let's not even talk about the horrors that spotted the carpet. (Let me be fair by saying that, although our house wasn't spotless, it was actually pretty pristine compared to a lot of the foreclosed homes that we looked at. But still way below my standards of "clean.")

I was pretty skeptical that anything could take out the dark spots and stains that riddled the family room and hallways. Especially when the directions for use on the bottle literally say, "Simply apply a generous amount on the spot, agitate with finger tips and blot with absorbent cloth. SPOT WILL DISAPPEAR INSTANTLY." Really. Instantly? We'll see about that.

Last night Kevin and I got on our hands and knees to put this baby to the test. We did as the directions told us and to our amazement, the spots literally disappeared before our eyes! We were shocked! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of this mini-miracle in action, but trust me...there were dark brown, almost BLACK, spots leading from the garage entrance down the hallway and HUGE black spots in the family room that we joked around looked like someone had changed a tire in there. Gone. Completely gone! And the bottle guarantees that the removed spots will not return.

So, for what it's worth, this product has my official stamp of approval. And FYI, it can also be used for walls, upholstery, and in a carpet cleaning machines (not just for spot removal). I am looking forward to having much cleaner carpets in the future! And at only around $15 for a 1 gallon bottle, who can't afford to have clean carpets?!?!?!

Click on the link below to find out where you can buy your very own bottle of Folex!



moliver said...

Nice Infomercial! SOLD!
But really, thanks for sharing, I need to get me some of that.

SVB said...

You have sold me, we have white carpets and they are nasty! Albertson's is running a special for Folex right now too, buy some and get free paper towels...I think I will buy some tonight!!!