Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Crowning Acheivment

My Mother's Day gift is this: having the opportunity to sit on my butt all day and mess around with photos, check my email, blog, read, watch TV, and completely ignore all of my motherly duties. It's the best gift I could ever ask for! My husband is amazing!

Something I have wanted to do for a long time is put an update about Anslie on the blog. I haven't taken pictures of her since her 1st birthday (okay, I've taken lots of pictures of her, but none that are worthy of bragging about and making it to a picture frame) and I know that life will be out of control once the baby is born in a few weeks. I wanted to take the opportunity to remember Anslie at this age, before life gets a little more involved.

So here it is, my Crowning Acheivement in life: Anslie

All About Anslie


Food - watermelon, strawberries, cheese, CANDY, ICE CREAM, spinach, chicken, FRUIT SNACKS

Toys - Babies and Books

Activities - Swimming, running around outside, going to the park, swings, coloring, bubbles, taking baths, talking on the phone

TV shows - Elmo (Sesame Street), Wonder Pets, Mickey Mouse Club House, Little Einsteins

Phrases - "You crack me up!", "Happy bir day!", "Go way!", "No!", "'s seeping.", "Watch me!", "I wan canny!", "Hold you me."

Anslie usually wakes up between 7am and 8am and will currently take 2 hour naps starting around 2pm. Bed time is between 7pm and 8pm depending on whether or not she has had a nap. She LOVES babies and is definitely one SPIRITED child! She is on the go, go, go from the moment she wakes up until her head hits the pillow at bed time.
This kid has personality! She loves to laugh at her own jokes and make silly faces. Anslie also loves to sing songs. She will often climb on top of the highest thing she can and belt songs out at the top of her lungs. She is independent and sassy, just like her mama.
Breakfast is Anslie's least favorite meal of the day, dessert her most! She can be such a big helper around the house, always wanting to sweep, wash, scrub, and dust right along side mom. One of her favorite chores is helping me put the laundry in the washing machine.
I can't wait for her to be a big sister! Anslie is so sweet with babies and can't wait to get her hands on them the moment she sees one. She will be great at bringing diapers, blankets, and wipes to me, alerting me when baby is unhappy, and generally being a big sister!
Even though life with a toddler can be a little hectic (a lot hectic most of the time) I wouldn't take her out of my life for one minute! She is my friend, my sidekick, my heart walking around outside of my body. I love her to death and she really is the best thing I have ever created in my life!


The Anglesey Family said...

OK....I had to laugh at the comment in your last post.....Even though its SOOOOOOO not funny! But, you totally cracked me up.
That being said, you already know that I think you look awesome preggo, so I can laugh! You really do look awesome.

Erica said...

i love this post! i think anslie and sean would have a ball together. you are a great momma and it sounds like your mothers day was wonderful!

Darren & Kenna said...

Love the Anslie pictures. Her curly hair is adorable.