Wednesday, May 12, 2010

36 Weeks???

The question marks are because I have now had 4, count 'em, 4 due dates! I finally was able to see my actual OB instead of the nurse practitioner today and asked him what due date he was going by and he said June 9th. That was the first I had ever heard that date before! I've heard the 3rd, 5th, and 7th. But I am happy with the 9th because there will be much less pressure for an induction if things start to run past due.


Things changed for me this week. I could feel it. The end of last week and beginning of this week I was officially MISERABLE! My lower back and sciatic nerve pain had gotten so bad that I was literally shuffling around, often times my legs giving out to the stress. When sitting down I could lift my right leg, but my left was WAY too painful to even get an inch off the chair. I woke up feeling the pain, went throughout the day with it, limped into bed at night with it. Not fun.

I have also had Braxton Hicks contractions since about 5 months along (same with Anslie's pregnancy) but they have started to get stronger, longer, closer together, and much more painful. A few nights ago they were coming on so regularly and were getting so uncomfortable that I almost started timing them!

After complete physical misery for at least a week, all of a sudden, yesterday afternoon, I just felt better. And I could BREATHE. Glorious air filled my lungs again and I was able to read to Anslie at bed time without having to catch my breath between sentences. I was able to eat an entire meal without feeling like my skin was going to rip open on my abdomen. Something HAD to be different.

I had my checkup today and the doctor confirmed that the baby is VERY low and that I am already dilated 1 1/2 cm. He said that for me to only be 36-37 weeks along and to already be experiencing a change in my contractions, the baby dropping, and dilation, he would be surprised if I made it to my due date, even venturing to say that he expects me to have a May baby. Ummm....check your calendars people! There's only about two weeks left in May!!! Totally crazy!

I would be lying if I said I were disappointed by this news. Although life is going to be challenging with two kids instead of one, I feel ready to tackle the job and I just want to be able to move again. It is impossible to properly parent a 2 year old if you can't get up to chase after them, pick them up, etc. So yes, let's all pray for a May baby!

Of course, I am not counting this news as a promise. I walked around for almost 3 weeks dilated to 2 1/2 cm with Anslie and I still never went into labor by myself. But the doc seems confident (and I feel confident) that my body is much more in tune with what is supposed to happen this time around. Thank goodness!

Hopefully this will be the last belly picture I have to put up!

36 Weeks
36 Weeks

And, just because Anslie actually asked me to take a picture of her, here's one of her:
36 Weeks


The Bowldens said...

you are gorgeous girl! you look incredible!

Mandi said...

you look amazing especially for being in your last month way to go

Tera said...

You look great! Your tummy really isn't all that big. I can't wait to see what this baby looks like!