Friday, March 25, 2011


"Ding, dong," went the doorbell. Over and over. I was getting really irritated. Not only does my husband usually sleep during the day, I also have a baby who naps. Really? Was it really necessary for the kid selling candy bars to ring my door bell over and over again? I didn't answer the door the first time he rang it. Why did he continue to ring it and risk waking my husband and child up? I was annoyed. Really annoyed.

Lucky for him and my husband and baby, noone was sleeping. Or playing in our backyard. And that last part is significant because the kid ringing our doorbell over and over again? He wasn't selling candy bars. He was trying to tell us that he and his buddy saw a baby rattle snake crawl into one of our drainage pipes that leads to our backyard. Bad news if little people or doggies are in the backyard when the snake surfaces.
Our neighbor helped Kevin flush the snake out of the pipe and then Kevin took a shovel to the it. Yuck. Better him than us, though.

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