Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sundays can be rough sometimes. Especially right now with Kevin's work schedule as it is. We have church so early in the morning and Kevin doesn't get home until about an hour before church ends, if he's lucky. So the task of getting myself and two kids ready for church in the morning is left to me. Add having to prepare a lesson to teach in Primary every other week, trying to keep the sabbath day holy, and the solitude of the rest of the day because Kevin is sleeping because he either has to work again, or he's exhausted from the previous night's shift, and you have one hectic, yet boring, day. Don't get me wrong, I love church. I'm a devout member. But Sundays are not my favorite day of the week...Except for moments like this...
Kevin was napping on the couch when Anslie crawled on top of him and started to snuggle. The weekdays can get so busy sometimes, and of course, Kevin is sleeping during the day so he's not around for Anslie to be with. So, on our quiet Sunday afternoons, after all of the craziness of church has passed, when we have nothing better to do than spend time with each other, there is always a stolen moment of tenderness to be had.
And that is my favorite part of this day of the week.

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