Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Zoo and Other Things

One of my favorite things about living in Southern California is all of the wonderful, family-friendly things there are to do. Our most favorite thing to do as a family is visit the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. We are season pass holders and have been ever since we moved here. Last month we packed the kids and our lunches up and headed out for another fun day trip to our favorite spot.
I was so bummed that I didn't hit the right button to vidoe tape the antics of the baby gorilla. There were a ton of people watching him and his family eat when all of a sudden he came up to the glass and started pounding on it, running back and forth, doing flips, and "playing" with all of the onlookers. Kev and I agree that it was hands down the most amazing thing we have ever seen at a zoo. I don't normally like monkeys and gorillas. They kinda freak me out. They are just too human-like and it does weird things to my brain to watch them. But that little guy may have swayed me just a little bit in his favor. (Just a little bit.) This is a little video of the gorilla baby that I was able to catch.
After tromping around the zoo for a few hours we headed out to Seaport Village to enjoy the remaining sunlight. Kevin thought it would be a great idea to bring along the leftover popcorn purchased at the zoo to feed to the seagulls at the Village. Now we all know why there are signs posted all over the place warning not to feed the birds. I was pretty sure we were all going to die from either catching bird flu or being buried alive in poo. So gross.
I'm pretty sure I have no idea why anyone would consider a giant sculpture of fish bones art.
It was such a fun and relaxing day. The kids were great and everyone was super worn out. That's the tell tale sign of a great family outing!
Another fun thing we did in January was attend Anslie's friend's birthday party! Caleb has very creative parents who are also very brave and allowed all of his friends to run rampant at his dad's heavy machinery yard. It was pretty awesome that they turned a tractor into a kiddie ride by attaching a swing to it. All of the kids loved it. And there were an abundance of mini four wheelers, atv's, and other power wheels for the kids to run around wild with. Anslie had a great time hitching a ride with her buddy Trevor. She talked about Caleb's birthday for weeks after the event!
The last things I have to share are two funny videos of Anslie. The first is when we met up with my step brother and his family at their hotel for a visit when they were in town. Anslie fell asleep in the car and was OUT! Nathan, my step brother, has 5 kids, the four oldest being boys. Not even they could wake her up!
This next video shows Anslie's creative flare with music and lyrics. We were sitting in a doctor's office waiting for the doc to come in (for over an hour!!!) and Anslie was entertaining herself by running around and singing. I love how she adds the garbage can to the list of things when she sings "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes." She is one funny kid. Happy Thursday!

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