Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Denver Trip

At the end of March I packed up the two kids and the three of us headed out to Colorado to visit my sister, Tera. (Kev stayed home because he had to work.) Tera and her family have since moved to New York, so it was kind of a farewell visit for us. Not that distance can keep us apart :)

We had a lot of fun just letting the kids play together. We honestly didn't do too much besides care for our children side by side. We had a lot of time to talk and that was really wonderful! The slideshow below are some pictures from our trip. Some of the fun things we did (that you will see pictures of) is a trip to the Denver Museum of Natural History, a trip to a fun kid's play place called Monkey Business, Girl's Night Out dinner to The Melting Pot, Tera getting her facial hair threaded for the first time, and some pictures of the CRAZY unpredictable weather in that part of the country! The photos of the snow and of Anslie and Ethan stripped down to their diapers, and then snow again were literally taken in consecutive days!

Overall we had a great trip! I would say that I will miss my sister, but really we'll see each other just as often as before. It's kind of like that song, " Ain't no mountain high enough...." Love ya, sis!

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