Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was pretty low-key for our family this year. My dad and step mom were visiting and it was nice to have the company and extra bodies to cook for :) We started our morning early with church at 8:30am. Church always feels like the right place to be on a Holiday like this.

Zac fell asleep in the car on the way home so we rushed him up to his room and then surprised Anslie with her Easter basket. She was really excited about all of the candy! She is definitely a candy-aholic, so I made sure to find her a basket that wasn't filled with much else. I knew she would really appreciate that!

Once Zachary woke up we gave him his basket. I was surprised to see that, especially at his age, he was interested in the toys as much as the Easter grass inside of the basket! No candy for him though, which, if he knew any better, he would have probably been bummed about.

Almost everyone was able to get a good Sunday nap in and I was able to cook our Easter feast in peace. We had the traditional ham, a potato casserole, artichokes, and Hawaiian roles. Simple, but very delicious. We finished up with an apple pie and then headed outside for an Easter egg hunt.

Anslie had so much fun searching for all of the eggs hidden around our front yard that we had to re-hide the eggs over and over again. And I had a blast snagging a couple photos of the kids in the gorgeous spring evening light! Overall, it was a really nice day!


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