Tuesday, July 8, 2008

8 months old!

This update marks Anslie's 8 month "birthday". I can't believe how quickly time is flying by. I have enjoyed having a small baby because it makes me feel like she isn't growing up.

But, alas, Anslie certainly is growing up and it's both exciting and sad as I am sure all parents know. Anslie had a check up on the 2nd with her pediatrician to monitor her weight gain. She gained 9 onces this month, (she's 13 lbs, 12 oz) which is still on the slow side, but it has become a pattern for her and one that her doctor said is probably going to continue and that it isn't anything to worry about at this point. Although the minimum weight gain they like to see per month is 1 pound, she isn't losing weight, she is eating sufficiently, and she is meeting her milestones. She is simply a small baby. That news was such a relief! He is, however, sending us to an Occupational Therapist just to make sure that there isn't any physical complications that are making her uncomfortable while eating because she is still a fussy eater. All in all, Anslie looks great, feels much better, and is gaining control of her body, much to her delight.

This was a big month for us! All within about a week, Anslie hit several milestones: She can now roll over both ways, scoot on her bottom to get to where she wants to go, reach for mommy and daddy when she wants to be picked up or when she wants the other to hold her instead, pull up to a standing position while holding onto my hands or to a kneeling position while holding onto anything else (her favorite things to pull up on are the side of her crib and Tess), and she can also feed herself with her thumb and forefinger. Anslie really likes being able to grasp onto finger food and put it in her mouth all by herself like a big person. It must taste better that way!

Anslie's affection for the dogs grows everyday and I think Tess is genuinly starting to like her back. Tess will patiently allow her to tug on her ears, fur, mouth, and feet. Penelope still doesn't want Anslie to touch her but I can trick her into it by petting her myself while holding Anslie close enough to touch her. We're working on wearing her down.

Something that I am really excited about is that Anslie's hair has gotten long enough for me to style. I have a few contour clips and tiny rubber bands and I am able to put her hair in tiny pigtails or clip it off to the side or even give her the Pebbles 'do. That is something that I have been waiting to do since I found out that I was having a girl!

One of our favorite activities to do together is go to the pool. Anslie still LOVES the water and will swim for literally hours. We have a little floaty that she sits in and she is happy as a clam just floating around the pool and soaking up the sun (and trying to drink the pool water. Yuck!) We have hosted and/or attended several summertime pool BBQ's already and Anslie has thouroughly enjoyed every one of them!

Something else Anslie has learned how to do is drink from a straw. When I first put it in her mouth she chews on it like she doesn't know what to do with it. The first time she sucks through it and a stream of water comes into her mouth, she jumps and pulls away because it startles her. Then she smiles, remembers what she is supposed to do, and drinks happily for the rest of the meal.

It looks like Anslie may be cutting teeth soon! She has been pretty fussy over the last couple of days and when I looked at her gums this morning, it looked like she had two bulges where her bottom front teeth will come in. It's exciting and dreadful at the same time. I am not looking forward to going through the teething process! It's already starting to become hard to deal with. :(

Kevin's work schedule is changing for the time being and we have decided that it could potentially be really good for our family. Instead of working from 12am to 10 am, he is switching to 6pm to 4am. This schedule should give him the opportunity to sleep a little longer, we will have a few more hours of family time, he'll get paid a little more, and he will be home and awake during the day so he will be able to enjoy summer. This schedule is a little harder on me because I have to have dinner ready by 4pm and then I spend the rest of the night by myself taking care of Anslie, but I think the benefits outway the drawbacks and I am trying to be positive about the change. Other than that, life is the same in the Ruffner household. We hope you are all doing great and are enjoying your summer! We hope to hear from you soon!


Are We Having Fun Yet??? said...

She is so cute! We all can't wait to see her soon. The kids ask about her all the time, especially Brynna. Just this morning she asked where Anslie lived.

Katy said...

They grow up so fast don't they! Anslie is such a cutie pie! Before you know it you'll be celebrating her first b-day!