Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The best things in life are free!

Well, sort of. I did almost have to give my right arm in order to restock my paper goods and storage bag supplies at Costco. The upside to that is that they came with these awesome, state of the art toys for Anslie. She couldn't stop playing with...the boxes that the Ziploc bags and dishwasher detergent came in. Anslie liked to sit in the boxes and then get out and push them around the living room, then crawl on top of them. Very exciting.

PS- Anslie is running around "naked" because I caught her playing with her other favorite new discovery - the toilet cleaning brush. YUCK! Of course I ran into the bathroom when I realized where she was and almost puked when I saw that stinky toilet juice from the brush all over the floor - and Anslie. I immediately stripped her and threw her in the tub. (Sorry, no pics...I was too busy scrubbing her) It was right before bed so she got to go commando until bedtime. Lucky her!

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Are We Having Fun Yet??? said...

Eeww gross about the toilet brush. Once, when Lauren was about a year old, maybe 15 months, I was scrubbing the shower in our apartment in oxnard. I heard splashing and turned around to find her with a rag that she had dipped in the toilet and then proceeded to clean her face with it. It was so gross, luckily though, my toilets aren't ever too dirty. welcome to toddlerhood!