Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Portrait of a Family

My Family. Well, not all of them. There is A LOT more. But these are most of the people who came to the Blessing Baptism Weekend Extravaganza. If you want to know who each of them are, read on...

Us in all our cuteness.

I am not really a big fan of Apes, but this guy was pretty cool. I literally had my lens pressed up against the glass ready to take a picture when he walked over and posed for me. Not the best looking photo, but pretty cool nonetheless.

My dad at the Denver zoo with his old pal.

I love this girl! (my sis, Tera)

Getting ready to pick some of the sweetest strawberries and (golden) raspberries I have EVER tasted. So fun!

Anslie had fun picking berries too.

My mama and my sisters.

A very appealing and romantic picture. Two men taking care of their babies. Aren't we lucky?!

The Ruffners and the Baptism Girl.

Anslie and Ethan after his blessing. (there's a funny story about the blessing--email me if you would like to hear it!)

Anslie and her cousins. BF'sF!!!

My family at the church after Lauren's baptism.

Thought this was funny. Kids really hate to pose for photographs!

Anslie had so much fun riding around in Brynna's electric car. They look like two little Barbies!

From Left to Right: my cousin, Devon, Aunt Gina, Dad, Step mother Carolyn, sister Audra, sister Rachelle, niece Lauren, niece Brynna (in her daddy's arms), new nephew Ethan, nephew Jacob, sister Tera, mom, step dad Richard, hubby Kevin, daughter Anslie, and ME!

My niece, Lauren, and her cheer squad. Go, Warriors!

Anslie is getting much better about just falling asleep when she is tired. In fact, she was sitting next to me on the plane in her own seat when she got tired and konked out on my lap. She stayed like this for most of the flight home.

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