Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Fat Dose of Toddlerhood

You could describe Anslie as the Tazmanian Devil, a whirling dervish, a firecracker, and a bolt of energy all rolled into one... with a hefty dose of attitude to top it all off with. And, boy did I get a helping of that little girl tonight! She does this thing while she is playing, and especially when she is mad, where she will just flail her entire body around without any regard to her own safety - or anyone else's for that matter. We were both on the couch playing and she had her back to me and decided to pull her stunt and smacked me right in the lip with her head. It's a good thing her noggin is hard because she hardly noticed what she had done. I, on the other hand, all but cried because when her head hit my mouth my lip scraped against my tooth and took off a layer of skin. So, lucky me, I get to visit family on Thanksgiving with a big 'ole fat lip. I guess I can add this to all of my other "mommy battle scars". I am sure there are plenty more where that came from!

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The Borman Family said...

Shillawna Anslie is so cute and you are such a talented photographer. I am no proffesional but I sure do love your work. You definitely have a natural talent. Your swollen lip reminds me of the countless times my boys head but me right in the nose bloody feeling broken nose in the middle of my sleep. Oh I am not looking forward to that with Katelyn. Maybe she'll skip it. Good luck with toddlering. Sounds like you are off with a bang!