Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween/Birthday Extravaganza!!!

This Halloween was very special for our family because it was also Anslie's first birthday! (Yes, she was born on Halloween for those of you who are wondering.)We started our busy weekend off with taking Anslie out to a "birthday breakfast". Kevin bought her a special "birthday princess" hat that she didn't mind wearing too much while we ate.

(Mom and Dad at breakfast with the birthday girl)

Kevin's parents flew in from Chicago to spend the weekend with Anslie and with them came Anslie's favorite birhtday present! Her Great Aunt Theresa gave her a mini push car that she could ride in. Anslie LOVED it!!!

Soon it was time to get Anslie into her Halloween costume. She was pretty patient while I put her "makeup" on...

Here she is! Our beautiful Fairy Princess! Everyone loved her costume and thought she was the perfect little fairy!

We decided to go to a local shopping mall to try out Anslie's first time trick-or-treating. We rolled her around in her new car for a little bit until the mall got too busy. Then Walt, Connie, Kevin, and I took turns carrying her to each store to fill up her candy bucket.

Anslie really liked sucking on all of her treats...we kept the wrappers on them.

After trick-or-treating at the mall, we gave a couple streets in our neighborhood a try. We actually filled Anslie's entire candy bucket up, which we placed in the front compartment of her car in which we pushed her around in. That was her favorite part of the whole experience!

After we were finished (and made sure we got use out of Anslie's costume, it was time to go home to eat dinner -grilled steaks with home-made chili and cornbread - and was present time! We decided to let Anslie open all of her presents from the family on the actual day of her birthday, instead of trying to do them all at her party. She got a lot of great gifts; clothes, toys, a piggy bank, and a savings account.

We really appreciated everyone's gifts, and Anslie genuinely likes everything she was given...except for the clothes because she doesn't know what they are. But I liked the clothes! :) After opening presents, it was bath time and then bed time. Anslie definatley earned a good night's sleep!

We really enjoyed our Halloween/Birthday celebration. Stay tuned to read all about Anslie's first birthday party!!!

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April said...

I love your family picture, it is perfect,that should definitely be your family Christmas card. Anslie is so adorable!! I loved her little costume! Great job!