Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Trip to Hollywood

Over our Thanksgiving vacation we day tripped it out to Hollywood for a few hours. Kevin has never done the touristy thing and we were lucky enough to get a personal tour of the Disney Productions Studios by my dad's cousin, John, so we though, why not?! (Feel free to correct or add anything to this post, guys, if I messed up the facts or forgot some important details.)

Here are some photos from our adventures! We had a blast and I was so glad to be able to experience this again, both as an adult, and with my sister, daughter, and sweetheart. And thanks to John who was a fantastic tour guide!

The streets were named after Disney Characters, of course...
John said this is where the highest head-honchos at Disney spend their work days. He also explained that the 7 dwarfs are holding up the roof of this building because it is by the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that Disney is what it is today.
Our group, me, Kevin, Anslie, and my sister, Rachelle, hanging out with Walt and Mickey.
John took us through the Archival studio where there were costumes, props, etc on display from the actual movies. Pretty cool.
Mr. Tumnus after he is turned to stone and the wardrobe from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. (Not re-creations, guys...these are what they actually filmed!)
T-B, L-R: Where we spent half our day in L.A., a faux New York Street used for filming, a multiplane video camera originally developed for the filming of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to create depth of field and perspective on the film.
I just thought this was a cool looking warehouse on the Disney Lot.
L-R: The building where Disney's artists do all of their top-secret art work, Stage 2 is where Mary Poppins was filmed in it's entirety.
We made it!
Okay, so we didnt' actually hike all the way to the top. Kevin and I at the highest point you could drive to to get to the Hollywood sign.
L-R, T-B: A gorgeous church in the middle of all of Hollywood's craziness, Grauman's Chinese Theater, El Capitan Theater.
The Kodak Theater
Our only celebrity sighting of the day: Jimmy Kimmel playing tetherball on the streets.
Anslie eating ice cream from El Capitan Ice Cream Shop and posing with a few of her favorite celebrities' stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Tonya Peterson Photography said...

The disney freak in me is so jealous right now. How can you hook me up with that special tour! Miss you girl!

The Anglesey Family said...

Wow....These are really good pictures! Did you use your new camera? The clarity is amazing.