Friday, July 23, 2010

Tiny Dancer

We signed Anslie up for a dance class today! To say that I am excited would be a major understatement! I am a dance LOVER and took ballet for many years growing up. I didn't start dancing until I was 12, which is pretty old for most people if you want to do anything professional with that dream was unattainable for me (I was most definitely not a child prodigy). Not that I am planning on pressuring Anslie to pursue dance if she doesn't like it, nor am I living vicariously through her. I just want to give her the opportunity to choose what she wants to do by giving her the tools she needs to discover if she is passionate for and/or has a talent for dance.

Anyway, her class is once a week for an hour and it's a combo class which includes ballet, tap, jazz, and motor skills. It's pretty much the latter that she will develop most at this age. I hope she loves it! She loves watching So You Think You Can Dance on TV with me and usually dances around the living room while the dancers on TV are performing. She LOVES music! I think she'll have fun. We'll see! Classes start on August 5th!

Here are a few snapshots I took with my phone of her being fitted for her first pair of ballet and tap shoes. I sure wish I had my camera with me...but don't you worry... I'm sure I will design some kind of photo shoot around her and her new dance gear.

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Tera said...

So super cute. Brynna's been saying she wants to stop doing gymnastics for a while and try ballet. I told her that was fine; she's too young to stick to one thing right now, she needs to experience lots of things before she decides what her passion is! But good for you for giving Anslie the opportunity to try out dancing!