Monday, August 16, 2010

My Two Kids

Another excuse to post pictures of my two adorable babies! What can I say? I love my kids and I think they are cute. And I also think it's funny how the progression of pictures tells a tale of sibling rivalry, even at their young ages. Too funny.

It starts with me trying to take a picture of Zachary...and guess who wants in the picture too?
So I let Anslie in and all of a sudden she's no longer happy to be part of the project.
Zac's more than happy to oblige me while Anslie proves to be difficult.


Now she's starting to warm up....
See how she's peeking at Zac through the corner of her eye? What is she planning?!
Alright! There's my girl and her beautiful smile! But wait...see how he's sneaking a peek back? Uh oh...
Yup, I knew that was coming! Guess Zac showed Anslie. That's what she gets for stealing his lime light.
I guess I should be prepared for a lifetime of this stuff, right?! :)

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Shelly said...

You have a couple of cuties there!! The pictures are so you too!! I hope you'll come back this way sometime so we can have you photograph Katelyn again:)