Friday, August 20, 2010

Zachary's Blessing

We were surrounded by friends and family. The spirit was strong. My husband was inspired. My baby was beautiful.

What a wonderful day! Zachary was given and name and a blessing on August 8th and it was such a sweet moment! Zac was as darling as always and amazed everyone in the circle with his sweet cooing and yawning as Kevin blessed him with strength, health, happiness, a desire to live the Gospel and to serve a mission, the ability to take his future bride to the temple, and to have a love of learning and a testimony of the scriptures.

I was a proud mama and so happy that we were able to have so many of our loved ones share the experience with our family. And what do proud mamas do best? Feed the people they love!

After the blessing we invited everyone over to our house to enjoy grilled chicken, caesar and pasta salads, hummus and pita bread, fresh fruit, and a delicious chocolate fountain.

With our spirits and our bellies nourished, it turned out to be one memorable moment in our son's life.

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