Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch That Wasn't

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch last night to pick out pumpkins to carve for the upcoming Halloween holiday. We went to the first patch we remembered, the one by our mall...and they didn't sell ANY pumpkins. Or, if they did, they didn't have many. This pumpkin patch seemed to have more of a focus on carnival games and rides than anything else. I'm sure Anslie would have had fun, but our goal was to come home with pumpkins.

We went down the street to another pumpkin patch. This location did have pumpkins, but still not the mounds of pumpkins that patches had when I was a kid. Pumpkin patches are so strange these days! Don't get me wrong; I appreciate the emphasis on making the pumpking-picking experience fun for all ages, but the whole point is to find a PUMPKIN. TO CARVE. FOR HALLOWEEN. Patch #2 had lots of rides, bounce houses, carnival games, treats, mazes, and a petting zoo. Strewn around all of these things were pumpkins for sale. Where were the rows and rows of pumpkins to search through, the perfect one just waiting to be discovered?

Anslie spent most of the night in the petting zoo, which is where all of our pictures come from. When we finally got around to trying to find pumpkins to take home, we realized how wrong we were for going to a pumpkin patch for it! Does this sound like an oxymoron to anyone else?! The cheapest carving pumpkin they sold was $7.00. At is was small. Like, so small you would be hard-pressed trying to carve it at all. Lame. So we let Anslie pick out a little gourd for 99 cents and got frozen yogurt instead.

Now we are off to Target or Walmart to find a much more reasonably priced pumpkin to carve!
Yes, what looks like is about to happen in this next picture almost did!


Tera said...

We have the same issue with price of christmas trees at tree lots. So we always end up at home depot or lowes. Part of me feels bad not having the "tree lot" experience, because, lets be honest, it's not the same at home depot. But I can't justify spending twice as much on something we'll throw away in 2 weeks.

The Waldrams said...

We usually go to the pumpkin patch for the "other" activities and pictures to look like we got our pumpkin there. I just picked up some pumpkins at Wal-mart yesterday for $3 each! (Also, I lived in Tehachapi but never went apple picking! Crazy huh?)