Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some more pictures from my crazy week

Sometimes I wonder why I bother writing anything at all. I am such a visual person and most of what I blog are pictures. I do like my captions though...

Super Catch Players Extraordinare: We attempted a beach trip when my sister, Tera, was in town. You can see that the weather cooperated with us. We tossed a softball around for a little while, even trying to "strike a model pose" while catching the ball like the contestants on America's Next Top Model have to do with some of their challenges. Yup. We are dorks...but the most fun dorks you'll ever have the pleasure to spend time with.

Little Anslie is starting to overcome her fear of sand. She won't walk on it, but she crawls on it just fine! Oh, and she eats it just fine, too.
Me and my sisters, Tera and Audra.
My other dear sister, Rachelle, and cousin, Dalen.
My sweet Aunt Gina and cousin Devon
Devon made these amazing pieces of jewelry from a bunch of my grandmother's old things. Earrings, bracelets, was really special being able to have something of my grandma's and actually be able to wear it because Devon had either fixed it or updated it. Really great!
This is the first time I have ever thought that Anslie and I look alike!
Tera and her cutie-pie Ethan
We met up with my sis, Rachelle, for lunch in Northridge and had an interesting experience, to say the least. The waitress and/or cooks couldn't seem to get Tera's or Rachelle's order right. Our entire table's meal was comped. Because of Red Robin's generosity, I will be a faithful customer...when I have the opportunity to eat there, that is :)


Tera said...

Cute pics! I'll have to steal some of those pictures so I can add them to my previous post! Thanks for being the photographer. How did the one of Ethan and Monroe turn out? I really think I won't be winning ANTP anytime soon! Ha, pretty funny!

The Anglesey Family said...

What a fun trip to the beach! Anslie looks sooo cute!