Friday, July 10, 2009

...And the last few pictures from our 4th of July weekend

I know, there's a lot of pictures...but that's how I like to tell my family's story :) So, here are the last few images from our 4th of July weekend. We went to the little carnival the city put on and munched on funnel cakes while watching the fireworks...until we got monsoon rains that forced us to pack up and run to our car! It's too bad, too, because it was turning out to be a really nice show!
Me and Kevin
Got our funnel cakes and we were ready for the show!
Relaxing on the blanket in the grass waiting for the fireworks.
And it wouldn't be the 4th without some of these!

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Darren & Kenna said...

You guys are having more fun in Roswell than we are in San Diego! Thanks again for the help with the chicken pot pie crust! It was delicious, and I can't remember if I already got the recipe for the filling from you. If I did, I'm so sorry, I lost it, but could you send that recipe to me. Darren was in love for a couple nights as we ate it and ate left-overs!