Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sneak Peak: The Hornfecks

I was told how wonderful the Hornfeck family is. I was told how stunning mommy Sarah is, how beautiful her three daughters, Maddie, Gabbie, and Phoebe are. How sweet and funny daddy Ed is. I expected this family photo shoot to be a breeze! What I wasn't told was what little balls of energy these three little girls are!!! Man, did they give me a run (literally, I was running) for my money!

Sarah and Ed wanted their family pictures to truly reflect their personalities and lifestyle; nothing posed, nothing fabricated, everything candid. Never have I had the opportunity to capture a family in their true spirit and it was a wonderful and challenging experience. This photo collection is literally "A Day in the Life..." series and I think it is so wonderful that I am able to offer a tangible portrait of what their every-day life is like that they can cherish forever. It was a pleasure to work with this family. Here are a few of my favorites from their shoot to bait your breath:

Click HERE to see The Hornfeck Family's entire collecion!

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Erica said...

beautiful job shillawna!the family is gorgeous!