Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Forgotten Adventure

I can't believe I forgot to share one of the biggest things that happened for Anslie's 3rd Birthday!!! My sweet friend, Golda, was able to offer my family free admission to the park and it was such an amazing experience! Anslie is finally at the age to appreciate what Disneyland has to offer. She loved meeting some of the characters, riding the rides, and seeing all of the wonderful attractions. Her favorite rides were the Dumbo ride and the Casey Jr. train ride. She talked about riding the train for a long time after that. The highlight of our trip, besides that fact that Golda and her family and Kevin's parents were able to experience it with us, was a dancing street parade at the end of the night. Anslie just lit up with all of the music and dancing. She even got brave enough to join some of the performers in the street for a little shin-digging.  It was so awesome! What a wonderful way to spend your child's birthday!

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