Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How could I not love them back?

Late one afternoon when my friend asked me, "So what are your big plans for tonight?" I thought it a little random and then described the dilemma I had with a new recipe I had planned for dinner that night. She gave me a funny look and didn't really say much about it. But it was only polite that I asked her the same question in return. She described the New Year's party she and her family were attending and what she was making as a dish to share.

Oh ya. It happened to be New Year's Eve. Duh. 

New Year's is not a very celebrated holiday in my household. Even while Kevin and I were dating we didn't really make a big deal over a night where the main event was a count down; where you had to stay up to watch a ball slowly drop out of the sky, freezing your butt off in the cold. We have never been to a New Year's Eve party. And honestly, I don't really care if we ever do. I like my sleep. And staying up past midnight just for the sake of it does not sound like fun to me!

Our New Year's Day is usually just as common as our New Year's Eve. Just another day of the week and another date on the calendar. So I was super surprised when Kevin brought this home with him after work:

So cute, right? I don't get flowers very often, mostly because I think it's a waste of money. But I have to admit that I do love them as a gift "just because." And seriously, how could I not love my family back?! Just look at them!

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