Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at the Ruffners'

'Twas the night before Christmas
at the Ruffners' house
not a creature was stirring
not even a mouse...

That's because we were out shopping. Yup, we spent Christmas Eve out on the town, specifically the grocery store and the mall.
We found a nice winter coat for Anslie 75% off at Macy's

and then had our Christmas Eve dinner at Chili's.

Not very traditional, I know, but hey, maybe it will become one for us. Without family close by it gets pretty boring knocking around the house by ourselves. Besides, who wants to cook a huge dinner and make a huge mess just for 2 1/2 people?!
After dinner we came home and unloaded our stockings.

Then it was bath time, story time, and bed time...for Anslie and I (we pooped out at 8:00pm). Christmas morning started at 7:45am. Anslie was entertained for about 10 minutes by tearing the wrapping paper off the presents, so we had to open most of her gifts for her.

Anslie thought it was much more fun to play with the torn wrapping paper and trash all over the ground...or to sit and stand on the gifts.

We all got some great gifts - I got a new flat iron and a new pair of jeans (I must say that Weight Watchers works because they are the smallest jeans I have ever fit into!!!),

Kevin got a tinted visor for his motorcycle helmet and some new shoes,

and Anslie got lot of clothes - including the most adorable slippers and robe - toys, and puzzles.

We were very blessed this year and are so grateful for everything we received!

After lots of time to relax and play with our new things, we went over to our good friends' family's house for a very delicious Christmas dinner. They were so sweet and made sure that Anslie had gifts to open with all of the other kids. She got some more clothes and her first My Little Pony. Thanks, McMackins!!! (Unfortunately I forgot our memory card for the camera at home so I don't have any pictures to post) :(

We wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and an even happier New Year!!! May everyday be filled with the joy and beauty the Christmas Season brings!


Kimberly Hermansen said...

Jeans skinnier than high school??? Either way, that's awesome!! I still have a few pounds to lose before my ideal, so I'm totally impressed!!

Shillawna said...

Size 3, baby!!! The smallest pair of jeans I wore in HS were 5's!

Are We Having Fun Yet??? said...

You are looking FAB-U-LOUS! Wow! Sounds like you guys had a nice quiet Christmas! Missed you all.