Sunday, December 28, 2008

Julian and Japatul

We went with our friends Kevin, Gail, and Hayden McMackin and Kevin M's sister, Kristi, to Julian yesterday. The drive there and back was beautiful as it went through mountains and forests and past a lake. There was also some patches of snow left over from the recent storms. For those of you who don't know about Julian, it is a little town about an hour northeast of us in the mountains that is similar to Big Bear or Tehachappi. (sp) There are lots of craft stores and restaurants and it is modeled like an old mining town. It was really cute and really, really cold! We stayed for about an hour or so and walked around the shops and bought a "famous" apple pie. (Julian has a lot of apple orchards so they sell homemade pies and cider everywhere.)

It was so cold that Gail and I had to buy hats to keep warm

Anslie on a pile of "snow"

Gail and Hayden

The abominable snow baby


Kristi, Gail, and Hayden

After we left Julian we headed to Gail's grandpa's house in Japatul where we met Jack, some kind of an African Bull (he is now actually a steer because Gail's Gpa- who is a REAL cowboy- "cut" him. You can ask me what that means if you need to later:). I have seen these things at the Wild Animal Park but have never been this up-close and personal to one. Jack is a big teddy bear and loves to be brushed, as Kevin discovered when Jack chased after him when Kevin tried to stop. He was like a giant dog - he comes when he is called and Gail's Gpa said that he even cries when he gets lonely or wants to be brushed. Too cute. He is a gentle giant, but those horns are still very intimidating!

There are a lot of pictures, but it was an impressive experience...
After playing with Jack the Giant Bull we went inside to enjoy our Julian Apple Pie. Gail's Gpa's house was really neat because he is a world traveler and has pictures, momentos, and stuffed animals decorating everything. It's a beautiful ranch-style home decorated like an old-west hunting lodge or something like that. He even has guns hanging from the pot holder on the kitchen ceiling. Anslie loved Boomer, Gpa's big doggy, who was also a teddy bear.

Anslie giving Hayden hugs

Anslie and Boomer

Cuddling with Boomer

One of the many "stuffed" animals at the house. This little fox was roadkill before it got stuffed.

We had a really fun day and finished it off with a meal at the McMackin family's favorite Mexican restaurant. Good food. Good fun. I couldn't ask for anything more.

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Lechelle said...

Shillawana you look gorgeous! I love the giant bull :)