Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poor Penelope

Unfortunately we have to get rid of Penelope. :( She bit Anslie on Sunday night (she didn't draw blood, but I just can't take the chance it could happen again) so we are working with the Springer Spaniel Rescue in our area to find her a new home. So...

We are looking for a family without small children to give Penelope a new home. She is a very sweet dog who is house-broken, crate trained, walks on a leash, knows all behavioral commands, and likes a lot of love and attention. She was raised with another dog but is shy around large dogs because she was attacked by a rottweiler. Penelope was also raised as an indoor pet and prefers spending time around people rather than being outside by herself. She will fit in well with a family that can give her a lot of attention through exercise and grooming. Penelope does have a sensitive stomach so she is not used to eating anything but dog food and tends to pee when she gets over-excited or nervous. We are sad to give her up, but unfortunately she has not adjusted well to the addition of a baby in the household. We hope you can provide her with the loving home she needs.

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The Van Boerum Family said...

Oh that is soooo sad Shillawna! We love Penelope, too bad that she is having such a hard time with Anslie! I would probably do the same thing, that is such a hard decision. If we didn't have kiddos, we would take her in a heartbeat. I hope you can find a good home for her!