Thursday, December 4, 2008

Last Day of Class

Today is the last day of my photography class (*sniffle*) but I am really excited to turn in my final portfolio. I am really happy with the way all of my portraits turned out and thought I would share them with everyone. Also, I wanted to send out a special 'thanks' to all of my WONDERFUL models. Everyone was SOOOOO patient and had such a great attitude about letting me explore what my "vision" for this project was going to be. You were all amazing...and I know that most of these pics would never wind up on your wall because they aren't the traditional beautiful portraits. But in the words of Tyra Banks, you all mastered the "ugly/pretty" look and allowed me to capture some great images. Also, thanks to all of those people who modeled for me but didn't make it into my portfolio. You were also totally amazing, great, and wonderful, and I most certainly will be able to use your pics in another portfolio with a different theme.
You're awesome and I hope you all like these pictures too...or at least find them interesting to look at, anyway. (I think they are definately more intense in person, so come by to see them if you get the chance!)

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AdamCooper said...

When did you get into photography? Definitely not the typical sort of shots (like you said), but I dig the style. What class is that for? And here here for being blogging buddies! lol