Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Anslie's First Braid

Yay! Her hair is finally long enough to braid. Well, kind of. The hair on the top of her head closest to her face is long enough to braid. And maybe the little stragglies at the base of her skull. All I care about is that I could do it. No, it's not the cutest hair style and there are many other mothers who are much more creative with their children's hair (Tera). I just work with what I have and what I have is getting longer. (Or should I say, what Anslie has)

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Tera said...

It's funny how each baby's hair grows in differently isn't it? Lauren and Jake had great hair. Do you remember Brynna's mullet? We had to cut it a couple of times because the back would grow but the top wouldn't. Give it time, it will grow!