Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We took Anslie sledding at a local park that has a giant sled hill. It was so much fun and I think she genuinely liked it! At first she was a little tentative but once we slid down that hill, she was hooked!

Getting ready to play in the snow

Abominable snow baby...she must have had 5 layers on to stay warm in the 20 degree weather!

All bundled up!

The Giant sled hill

Shillawna pulling Anslie around on the sled

Kevin and Anslie

Red nose and cheeks from the cold (and boy, was it cold!!!)


The Anglesey Family said...

Oh...Sledding! I have to admit that I miss snow sometimes! It looks like you guys had sooo much fun.

Tera said...

Looks like a fun hill. Wouldn't you know we got the kids new snow clothes and boots this year and new sleds too and then . . . no snow! Too funny!