Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Festivities

We had a couple of really fun things to do for Valentine's Day. First off, Anslie had a little party with all of the kids from our play group. My friend, Sarah, had the wonderful idea of bringing cupcakes and cookies to the park for the kids to decorate while the moms enjoyed some delectable treats of their own. My fave was the chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows. Anslie was just happy to get a healthy dose of sugar!
Anslie and Evan with Anslie's was a big hit with all the kids!
Anslie, Ashlynn, and Maddie from B-hind
Dana and Emma Carlseen
Evan Samson
Dallin Samson
Ethan VanBoerum enjoying his cupcake
Little Ashlynn with her tricked out head gear...way to go, mom!!!

On Valentine's Day itself, a bunch of our friends and Kevin and I got together for a V-Day dinner without the kiddos. They stayed at home with babysitters while we ate GINORMOUS baked potatoes, salad, and chocolate fondu. We also played the Newlyweds game, which was really fun and funny! Overall, I think it was a really fun holiday!
L to R: Kevin R., Kevin and Gail McMackin, Lisa and Peter Carlseen, Kurt and Jenn, Cessily and Austin Azbill, Dave and Diane Jones
The potatoes were HUGE! And Kevin finished all of his...
Kevin and I
Cute couples, Kurt and Jenn and Dave and Diane
Austin and Cessily -- lookin' good!
Fondu masters, Lisa and Peter
Our gracious host and hostess, Kevin and Gail McMackin
Two Love Birds...tweet, tweet.

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Tera said...

You look fantastic Shillawna! Sounds like a fun time. We were going to have a valentines party too but everyone's kids were sick! Next year!