Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday Party

Anslie and I went to her little friend, Braxton's, 1st Birthday party last night. Tiffany (Braxton's mommy) did such a great job with everything! The food was soooo good - it looked like she had hired a caterer. There was another birthday party going on at the park too and they had one of those giant air bouncers. They were finished using it so they offered it to the kids in our group. Plus, Cessily, another friend of ours, had just found a mini air bouncer at a yard sale and brought that for all of the babies to bounce in. There were so many people at the party and it made realize how lucky we are that we are surrounded by such a large group of people who share our values and genuinley care about us. Here are a few of my favorite pics from Braxton's party:

The group (well, part of it, anyway...)
Anslie's friend, Ashlynn
The Anglesey Family
Anslie enjoying bday cake
Catherine and Ashlynn, our partners in crime!
Anslie decided that if Braxton wasn't going to open his gifts, then she was!
This is Fenwey. He's Braxton's doggy. He loved to have this hat on. Can't you tell?
Braxton liked his cake too!
This little boy is so dang cute! If Kev and I ever have a boy, I hope he looks like Braxton!
Proud mama and the birthday boy.
Anslie in the baby air bouncer. She liked it, I think?

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The Anglesey Family said...

OK....I just looked at the pictures from the CD.....And I know you're going to laugh when I tell you this....But I seriously CRIED when I saw them. They're SOOOOOOO beautiful! You have such an amazing gift. I cannot even believe it!
Thanks for all the props with the BDay, I had sooo much fun planning it! Why? Because I love you all sooo much!. You know...I agree with you...We're so lucky to have so many friends :) OK, well this is starting to get sappy....But anyway....I AGAIN wanted to thank you for the CD of pictures...That was a gift in itself. Thank you!!!