Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Still Here

Well, we had high hopes of going home today, only to have them crushed by an elusive GI. Both the pediatrician and the Nutritionist said this morning that, even though some test results were still pending, they didn't see why we couldn't wait for them at home. But, it's now after 3pm and we still haven't heard from the GI. The only thing that I have heard is that they were thrilled with her weight gain day before yesterday, a weight gain that she did not duplicate a second day, although she hasn't lost any weight either. At this point, no discharge papers have been issued and I am...tired.

So, I think we are stuck here yet another night - our 9th night here. My back is screaming from sleeping on the rock-hard fold out "bed" - the kind that starts as a comfy looking chair and then turns into a very uncomfortable cot.

Anslie is pretty frustrated here as well. She says "sigh" and points to the patio outside of our room, begging to play in the fresh air. We go for a little while, but there isn't much to hold her attention out there. Fortunately the play room opened up again today and the attendants are sweet to play with Anslie, something I can't quite find the energy to do right now.

Sleeping is rough on both of us, especially with nurses, doctors, and janitors who have perfect timing for coming in our room right when we are trying to catch some zzz's. Annoying. And the banging, talking, laughing, sirens, life flights, crying, doors slamming, and chairs scraping never ceases. 24 hours a day. Yuck.

Anyway, I don't mean to sound blue, but this hospital stay is getting old. I am just grateful that there is an end in sight for us, something that some of these kids don't have to look forward to. It makes you realize how lucky you really are.

Visitors are welcome. Visiting hours are between 8am and 8pm.


Ashley and David said...

I pray that you can go home soon. Hope that anslie gets better soon

The Van Boerum Family said...

Hang in there Shillawna!!! I am so happy that Anslie gained some weight. We miss seeing you guys and seeing Anslie's adorable little face. Sending you hugs and praying for you guys!

The Anglesey Family said...
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The Anglesey Family said...

Oh my gosh.....I can dido everything you just wrote. I know exactly what you're going through. Although you love the doctors and nurses for taking care of your baby, you can get sooo irritated at them. Braxton could have finally began a deep sleep and then a nurse would come in saying that they "had" to do vitals right then. Or the janitor for that reason....They always came in at the wrong time. Oh, Shillawana....I can totally sympathize with you! I started to memorize where each news article was in the hallway on the way down to the cafeteria. And I know what it's like waiting for the discharge papers.....IT TAKES FOREVER!!!!!!! Our doctor discharged us at 7am and we did not leave until 4pm. So frustrating! I understand your pain. Please call if you need to vent....But, I am happy to read she is doing soooo well. I am so happy she gained some weight!!!

Tera said...

who could have anticipated when you took her in last monday that you would still be there today. How frustrating. Sometimes though, reminders like this show us that the monotony of staying at home with little ones is better that some other alternatives. Keep your chin up, this too shall pass!