Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let the feeding frenzy begin!

Anslie's biopsy results came back normal so that is really encouraging. It looks like all that is wrong with her is a bad case of GERD (acid reflux). Basically, it hurts to eat so she just doesn't. Or doesn't eat more than enough to curb her hunger. Very sad. She has trained herself to starve because that feels better than eating food. It breaks my heart.

Unfortunatley Anslie lost weight from her last weigh in so she now has a feeding tube (or NG tube). It was rough having to hold her down while they inserted it into her nose and down to her stomach. She had her first feeding this morning and slept through most of it. She tolerated 5oz of the formula and still ate half a cookie when she woke up from her nap. That's encouraging! She will get 5 oz of formula 4 times per day. This will hopefully give her the nutrients she needs to pack on some weight (so we can get the heck out of here) and also stretch her stomach out a little bit so that she can stand to eat more in one sitting.

We hope that with the help of the forced feedings we can get her home by Sunday at the latest. They want to leave the tube in for another month after that, just to make sure she is getting what she needs, as well as learns that food really is her friend. The good news is that the equipment should be easy to operate and we will need little more than a few check ups with a pediatrician to monitor her weight gain. This means that we can move forward with our plans to move to NM.

Right now, Kevin is scheduled to start at the academy on June 8th. If we get home from the hospital by Sunday, that will give us roughly 5 days to get our stuff packed and get on the road, 2 days for travel, and then we will be in our new "home sweet home" of Roswell, NM.

Kevin's last day of work is tonight. He took some vacation time to help pack up the house and to make arrangements for our move. We will be taking turns staying with Anslie in the hospital and packing at home. It's going to be quite a feat to accomplish, but we are anxious to move on with our life, and happy that Anslie will be healthy enough for us not to worry about her.

Things are starting to look up, even though we still have another 2-4 days here in the hospital. Again, visitors are welcome! And, you can bring your kiddos too! Anslie would love to see some her old friends! We are at Rady Children's Hospital, room 243. Visiting hours are 9am to 8pm!


moliver said...

Best of luck with getting little Anslie feeling better, and with the move too. It's so horrible when your little one has to go through things like this and you can't make it go away. She's in my prayers.

The McMackin's said...

I hope all goes well! I'm sorry that Kevin and I haven't been out to visit yet! If you are still there tomorrow, we want to come out. I will give you a call. Wow! Only five days to get packed up? I would be totally overwhelmed. Kevin and I can come help next week. Give Anslie a kiss from us. We love her and pray that she will be well enough to come home soon.

Rachelle said...

I'm so happy that Anslie is doing better...or will be. I wish I could be there to help out. Just know that you are on my mind often. I hope the best for you on your move and the next chapter in your life. Perhaps having lived in Lancaster you'll be somewhat prepared for Roswell, NM. It will certainly be a blessing to have the church and the new friends you will make there. Give Anslie kisses from her Auntie Rachelle and know that I'm giving you a big hug. I'm sad that you are leaving CA, but I'm excited for the new experiences in store for you and your family.

Tera said...

I am so sorry that she had to get a feeding tube. I am so sorry that it has to stay in for a month too. What a pain that could turn out to be. But, I am so glad and relieved that the biopsies can back normal and that what is ailing her is easily fixed. Small miracles (or large ones, depending on how you look at it!). Good luck with the move. Wish we were closer to help you.