Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I thought I was a good multi-tasker... until today. I was on the phone with Kevin this afternoon and we were looking at some property listings online. Anslie got a hold of a marker and I thought I could talk on the phone, play on the internet, and keep an eye on her all at the same time. Well, at the end of our conversation I looked over at Anslie to find her scribbling all over some papers Kevin left on the coffee table. At least it was on paper, right? Wrong. She got the coffee table too. I took the marker away from her and bent down to clean up the papers when I realized she didn't keep her artwork to the coffee table alone. I remember at one point she was hanging on my lap as I looked at the computer. I had no idea she was decorating my jeans while she was doing it. So, here's a couple pictures of my daughter's artwork. Maybe she'll be the next VanGogh. As long as she keeps both her ears.


Tera said...

I just busted up. That's a lot of drawing to not notice! And boy did she do a number on the coffee table! Good thing she is cute.

The Van Boerum Family said...

Oh awesome!!! Welcome to toddler hood Shillawna! E still gets caught coloring on things he shouldn't on occasion and Mad loves to color on my walls right now!

Mandi said...

that's why we don't have markers down only crayons because it comes right off. spray hair spray on your jeans and cold water and then scrub them I know that works to get regular pen ink out of clothes but I'm not sure about markers or you can just keep them and be proud of your cool new custom jeans.

erichandchrista said...

Hi Shillawna! Hey at least she didn't get the dog also...she is precious!