Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shennanigans at Playgroup

Every Friday morning I host a Playgroup at my house. We usually get a really great turn out and everyone has fun. The kids play and snack and the moms just hang out and chat. If you haven't come before, you should! Even if you don't have any kids!!!

Yesterday we had a pretty small group; four girls including Anslie. The girls were playing around, laying on the floor on their backs eating their snacks when all of a sudden, Anslie decided she needed a cuddle. She rolled over and snuggled on Gracie (who is only a couple months older than Anslie but looks like she's a year older because Anslie is so tiny) and Gracie let her do it, patting her back to comfort her. Of course all the moms thought it was cute so we made a big deal of it and so Paige wanted in on the action! The cuddle fest turned into a doggy pile with lots of giggles. When it wasn't as fun any more, we made the girls quit and then Paige and Gracie thought it would be fun to play horse and rider. These girls were just too cute and too silly! (Ignore the quality of the pics-these are from my point and shoot)


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