Saturday, October 17, 2009


We are so excited to let everyone know that we will be done with our detail in Roswell, NM on November 12th. Due to cut-backs, they no longer need as many instructors and so Kevin's extension request was "denied". So, Kev's last day of work here is November 12th and then we will be heading back to San Diego to " our home and seek our fortune" quoting a line from The Three Little Pigs, which is Anslie's favorite book right now :)

We have some exciting things awaiting us in San Diego! We are looking into buying a home and it's actually looking feasible. Kevin is getting two raises, a tiny one this month, and then a HUGE one no later than March of next year. That will help a ton with being able to afford a substantial mortgage in CA. My photography equipment collection is complete for the time being and I am planning on putting my nose to the grinding stone and really start building my business (tax ID and business license and all), starting with a "Holiday Sale" (details to come later). So start thinking about pictures for the Holiday Season and shoot me an email if you are interested in booking!

Anslie is also in the clear as far as her medical issues go. She had another check up with her specialist last Tuesday and he said she looks wonderful, she is still heading in right direction, and he has no doubt in his mind that Anslie's size will pick up at any point. He's keeping her on her meds for now and told us to report back to her pediatrician in San Diego, but he thinks there's no need for us to see a GI specialist any more at this point. To top it off, he wrote us a prescription to return the feeding pump we have been hanging on to up til now. So it's official. Anslie is a happy, healthy kid. What more can we ask for?

Kevin and I feel so terribly blessed. There are so many good things happening to our family right now and I have to admit, we keep looking over our shoulders wondering when someone is going to jump out and say "gotcha!" We should just be grateful for what we have and what we are receiving, but I guess that's just the skeptic running rampant in my brain. :) I am grateful. And I have never felt more in the palm of my Savior's hand than now.


The Van Boerum Family said...

We are so excited for you to come back here!!! Now, you two really need to buy here, not up north, so start saving your pennies :) I know E is excited to see Tess again too!

Shelly said...

Congratulations!! Nov. 12th will be here before you know it! I know you'll have fun "hunting" for that perfect new home! I'm glad everything is going so well for your family, especially the good news on Anslie's health!!