Sunday, October 25, 2009

Party Animals!

That was us yesterday! We had a birthday party for one of Anslie's friends yesterday morning. Hailey turned two and her mommy was very creative (and very brave) and set up pudding finger paints for the kids to play "in". There was also a pinata and all of the girls had fun taking turns smacking it with a stick. Of course, because all of the kids there were around the age of two, they didn't do any damage to the pinata, so the daddies had to step in to get the candy out. Everyone had fun gathering the candy and putting it in their bags.
Later that evening, we went over to another brave friend's home who hosted a really fun Halloween and pumpkin carving party. Anslie had a blast running around outside with the older kids and all of the parents were feverishly gutting the pumpkins for their kiddos. When everyone was finished carving, I think there must have been close to 20 or 30 finished pumpkins! Anslie had a little fun watching as I pulled out the pumpkin guts from ours, touched a couple of the seeds, stabbed the lid of the pumpkin a couple of time with her (kid-friendly) knife, and then took off in search of candy and kids. It was a wonderful night and we had so much fun!


Erica said...

looks like a fun time! you DO have some brave friends... don't know if i would host either of those kind of parties at my house. well, i would do the pumpkin carving one if we had a lot of room outside or in our garage. sounds like a really good day!

Tera said...

Anslie looks so much like you in the close up picture of her at the "pudding party". She is so pretty (just like her mommy).

Kendyll said...

The pudding finger paint looks like it was fun, but a little too daring for me! And I'd love for you to come to playgroup...anytime you're in Utah!