Friday, October 2, 2009

Tess, ETC

I remember a time when my dogs were my babies. Kevin and I didn't think we were going to have children, so when we got our puppies shortly before our first anniversary, they were our kids. And boy did we treat them as such! Fortunately for us, we regained our sanity when we had a real baby and our dogs became our dogs. The way it's supposed to be. In honor of old feelings and traditions, here's a couple pics of Tess. If we didn't have Anslie, our family blog would be riddled with pictures of her but alas, things are in order and our child takes front row. We love you, Tess, even if we treat you like a dog.
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And in honor of my shiny new camera lens that I got in the mail today, here are a couple of test shots from my backyard.


Tera said...

Are you just loving your new lens???? I'm glad you figured out that Tess isn't really a baby! I was worried there for a little while. Ha!

Raych said...

Can I just say something, now that you've figured it out?? People who treat their dogs like babies are annoying! The only time I accept it is if they CAN'T have kids EVER and really want them... but otherwise it's just so Paris Hilton.