Monday, August 17, 2009

BIG weekend!

Anslie had a check up with her specialist on Friday in Albuquerque. Kevin's boss gave him the day off so that he could come and we decided to make a weekend trip out of it.

Her appointment went really well! The doc said she looks great, she has gained more weight and grown taller than he would have expected her to have, and he has no further concerns for her health. We have another check up with him in two months, and other than having to take meds twice a day, Anslie gets to be a regular kid! She is doing really well and we are all a lot happier!

On Friday after her appointment, we met up with Britni and Mia at the ABQ zoo. It was raining a little bit but it was nice and cool and not very busy so it ended up being a really great day to visit! Saturday was spent by the pool and then Kev and I watched Mia while Britni and Owen went out to dinner for their 7th anniversary. We had a great time! We took the girls out to dinner and they both scarfed everything we put in front of them. Then we walked around the mall, got Dairy Queen for dessert, and then played on the playground equipment.

We came home on Sunday, but before we left we had lunch at Britni's parents' home. It was a really fun weekend and we were so glad we went!

These are a few pics from our trip, mostly the zoo and pool. You can click on the "your Trip to Albuquerque set"and then "slideshow" in the upper right hand corner to see larger images. If you click on "show info" you can also read the captions. These are all low-res files, so if you would like a hi-res copy, let me know!


Rachelle said...

Very cute pictures. How wonderful that you got to go play without having to worry about tubes and casts! Great way to celebrate. I'm glad you did this.

Erica said...

what a fun weekend! isn't it great to make such great memories with your family??